Parental Rights

When one studies Administrative Law statutes which govern family law courts throughout the United States, the underlying principles, procedures, and policies reveal blatant infringements on the constitutional rights of non-custodial parents.

The fundamental legal tenant of child custody in the United States is “the best interests of the child”. Yet the perspective of the child and standards of forensic science in this field are seldom honored.

Parents have begun to ask mindful questions like, “What is the necessity of a child custody or psychology evaluator, or child attorney in my case?”. Just because I have a parenting or custody dispute, does not put my mental condition into questions.

Learn how to protect yourself when asked to comply with the “voluntary” request to have a child custody evaluation or mental examination in your divorce.

Learn how to use little known federal education laws to protect your parental rights to be involved in the on-going education of your child.

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*This program does not provide treatment for mental illnesses, diagnosis of neurological or psychiatric, or psychological disorders. This program does not offer medical treatment or legal services. Mindful Child Custody does not provide psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or psychiatric services.